When it comes to taking care of your skin, nothing can compare to a natural body butter. Actually, “body butter” is a general term used to describe dozens of different body creams that are dense and full of nutrients that add extra hydration to your skin. Hibiskus Naturals body butters are filled with essential oils, vitamins, and nutrients that make them invaluable in a skin care routine. There is a huge range of ingredients that can be used to make body butters, all of which have distinct benefits that make them useful in a variety of ways.

In most cases, body butters are made from cold pressed oils that are extracted from nuts, seeds and fruits, and then combined with fatty acids and other forms of oil to thicken the consistency. Most body butters are solids at room temperature that melt from your skin’s heat when you slather them on, creating a deeply moisturizing treatment that lasts for hours.

The Benefits of natural body butters Soap:

Plenty of Moisture: Skin sucks in everything you put on it, but thankfully natural body butters will provide nothing but hydration. Nut-based butters are filled with emollients that provide skin soothing moisture long after conventional lotions have quit.

Protection: The thick ingredients in body butters form a protective barrier over your skin to keep moisture in check. This prevents you from drying out in heat, hot sun or cold winter air that otherwise sucks away moisture. Instead of relying on parabens like other products, natural butters take advantage of the natural emollients found in nuts and seeds to trap moisture deep into the fatty layers of your skin for optimal moisture protection.

Skin Nourishing Vitamins: No matter the type, body butters are rich in omega 3 fats that benefit you both inside and out. These highly moisturizing fatty acids help keep inflammation in check and make vitamins far more accessible for your skin to absorb.

Reduce Wrinkles: Allowing your skin to dry out is a quick way to start looking old and faded. A better option is to protect yourself with moisturizing body butters that help your skin retain its elasticity so you keep a healthy glow, no matter your age.

Softer Skin: Chronic, chapped skin is no problem when combated with the moisturizing power of homemade body butter. Regular treatments of this rich cream can eliminate dry, cracked skin and even clear up chronic conditions like eczema. Just slather on some body butter immediately after showering and your skin will stay noticeably softer throughout the day.

Affordable: Are you currently paying a small fortune for your skin care products? Switching over to homemade body butters will save you money, and you’ll get to control exactly what goes in them.

Cuticle Saver: If your cuticles look ragged much of the time, a gentle coating of body butter will help them stay hydrated and healthy, getting your nails back to top shape in no time.

Stretch Mark Solution: Having children can be brutal for your body, but a little body butter can make those scars a little less visible. Regular treatments of body butter help the skin to heal and regenerate, which means you can hide the appearance of stretch marks before they get out of control

Hibiskus Naturals whipped body butters are simply luscious, nourishing and hydrating. Never greasy feeling and made with only the following best natural ingredients nature has to offer to feed your skin with fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants:

Shea Nut Butter Butyrospermum parkii, also known as African Karite Butter, has been shown to increase the healing of wounds and improve scars. It is used to soothe burns, rashes, severely dry skin, and to lessen the irritation of eczema and psoriasis. It penetrates deep, moisturizes and nourishes, and is excellent for dry, damaged and maturing skin.

We use only virgin, unrefined, Shea butter. Unrefined Shea butter has not been bleached or deodorized and retains its natural scent, color and nutritional benefits. 

Sesame Seed Oil Sesame indicum, expeller pressed from whole sesame seeds, is one of the best oils to nourish your skin. It contains loads of vitamin E along with vitamin B complex and vitamin A which helps nourish and rejuvenate skin. Sesame oil, used for massage and health treatments in ayurvedic medicine, contains a potent antioxidant called sesamol that is beneficial for mature aging skin and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

We use virgin, unrefined, Ssesame seed oil. Unrefined oils have not been bleached or deodorized and retain their natural scent, color and nutritional benefits. 

Mango Butter Mangifera indica, a gentle butter obtained from the fruit kernels of the Mango tree, is rich in essential fatty acids necessary to restore skin tone, elasticity and flexibility. It is a great moisturizer for all skin types, but especially mature, dry or sun-damaged akin. Nourishing mango butter helps provide relief from the dryness of eczema and psoriasis.

Kokum Butter Garcinia indica, a highly prized butter obtained from a tree in India, is non-comedogenic, high in vitamin E, and rich in essential fatty acids.  It has been used traditionally in India to soften skin and restore elasticity and as a balm for dry, cracked, rough and calloused skin. It is a great ingredient to add to healing creams and body butters because of its ability to soothe and heal chapped dry skin.

Beeswax Cera alba, is produced by the (female) worker honeybees. The bees mold the wax into six-sided cells which are filled with honey and then capped with more wax. When honey is harvested, the top layer of wax that covers the cells, called cappings, must be removed. Our unrefined beeswax, which contains some honey and propolis varies in color from yellow through brown and retains the sweet smell of honey. Beeswax forms a lovely, light barrier on your skin that prevents loss of moisture and helps seal in moisturizing oils and butters, without clogging pores.

Castor Bean Oil Ricinus communis, also known as Palma Christi oil, is expeller pressed from the castor bean plant. Rich in fatty acids, it is a soothing, lubricating oil that is readily absorbed by the skin. It moisturizes by acting as a humectant to attract and lock moisture to the skin. Castor bean oil adds mildness and richness to soap and provides a conditioning, fluffy lather with thick, large bubbles.

Coconut Oil Cocos nucifera, from the fruit of the Coconut Palm, is a great moisturizer. When rubbed into the skin, the rich natural fats are easily absorbed and penetrate deeply to plump up your cells creating a smoother, softer, healthier and more youthful appearance. This oil gives soap cleansing properties and makes a rich creamy lather with big, fluffy bubbles

Neem Oil Azadirachta indica, cold pressed from the fruit of the Neem or Margosa tree, is an excellent moisturizing oil whose medicinal use can be traced back to the Indian Harappa culture, 4,500 years ago. Known as “the village pharmacy” in India, neem plays an essential role in Ayurvedic medicine as an antiseptic to fight viruses and bacteria. The neem fruit, with its garlicky odor, has been used in the treatment acne, psoriasis and eczema. It is especially gentle and nourishing when used for itchy, sensitive or dry skin conditions

We use virgin, unrefined, Neem oil. Unrefined oils have not been bleached or deodorized and retain their natural scent, color and nutritional benefits. 

Olive Oil Olea europea, obtained from cold pressed olives, attracts external moisture, holds the moisture close to the skin, and forms a breathable film to prevent loss of internal moisture. Since the fat composition of olive oil is very similar to that of human skin, it rarely causes allergic reactions and does not block the natural functions of the skin. Olive oil is believed to have healing properties and helps keeps skin soft, supple and younger looking.

Sunflower Oil Helianthus annuus, expeller pressed from the seeds, is very high in essential fatty acids and helps to moisturize, regenerate and condition the skin. This oil is easily absorbed and can be used on all skin types. It is high in tocopherols (vitamin E), a natural antioxidant, making it especially helpful for delicate, dry or mature skin. It is known to be one of the most moisturizing vegetable oils

Wheat Germ Oil Triticum vulgare, expeller pressed from the germ of the wheat kernel, is rich in vitamins and minerals. We use virgin wheat germ oil, rich in vitamin E, a natural antioxidant, which is believed to promote skin elasticity, nourish skin cells, and prevent moisture loss resulting in smoother, younger looking skin.